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  • Your business model and directory submissions

    What is your online business model? Directory submissions can help you in almost any business, regardless of what you’re offering. Basically, you need traffic to your website, right?  If you answered yes, then chances are directory submissions can help.

    By submitting your website PROPERLY, you can get quality links from directories and improve your website’s overall link popularity.  And, increased link popularity can directly affect the number of visitors that you receive from the search engines.

    1. Google Adsense Websites Network: Many of our clients ask us to submit their Adsense content network websites to directories. We perform the submissions and after several weeks due to “original and quality content + quality backlinks”, they start receiving a flood of traffic from different search engines. And, this leads to increased revenue – directory submissions can ultimately improve your website’s revenue permanently from a one-time investment.
    2. Online Retailer or Consultant: Whether you’re selling stuff online with a website or you offer consulting services and you’re on the lookout for new clients – directory submissions can help in a big way.  Your potential clients will use Google, Yahoo or other search engines to find the exact products and services that you’re offering. Now, if you rank well for your target keyword phrases, your potential clients will find “YOU” in the search engines – directory links can help you to improve your rankings and ultimately help you to get more clients.
    3. Affiliate Marketer: If you’re an affiliate marketer, especially if you deal with PPC (pay per click) marketing, you know that the fees can be outlandish because competition is growing every day. And sometimes you can’t even afford to bid because of low profit-margins and high price per click fees; directory submissions can help you here. By submitting your website to directories, you can increase your natural rankings and bring in organic traffic that you pay for only once (by time or money, however you choose to submit to directories).  And, once your website’s rankings have built up – you will receive traffic to your website regardless of whether you’re receiving PPC traffic or not. Even if your PPC advertising stopped – you wouldn’t have to suffer from a sudden loss of revenue. Directory submissions can help you to get search engine traffic. Many of our affiliate friends and clients have already experienced this benefit first-hand.
    4. Individual Blogger: If you’re a blogger, you might want more readers on your blog or more subscribers for your blog’s RSS Feed, right? By submitting your website to blog directories as well as general directories, you can improve organic traffic to your blog, which will increase your readers and even revenue!
    5. For any kind of website: You can get quick, easy and permanent backlinks with directory submissions. As a result, you can increase your placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and improve your business through directory submissions.

    Source : Manish Mathukiya

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