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    If you had to narrow down your choices for directory submission to just two directories in terms of popularity and overall benefits – DMOZ would be one and the Yahoo directory would be the other.

    The Yahoo directory is similar to DMOZ when comparing the overall mass of the project, it’s large and it’s popular. In addition to this, both of these directories are human edited and they are both listed as “suggested sites for submission” according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines:

    “…Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project [DMOZ] and Yahoo!, as well as to other industry-specific expert sites…”

    However, the point where these directories differ is in the cost: DMOZ is free for everybody and Yahoo is free for non-commercial websites.  So, if you’re doing business with your website – chances are that you’ll need to pay in order to get considered for placement in the Yahoo directory.

    Why should I pay for placement?

    That is a great question – one that has vexed website owners for years.  In case you aren’t aware of

    the costs – commercial placement within the Yahoo directory costs USD $299 up-front (for the review only) and requires a $299 annual subscription so that your website can be reviewed for compliance on a yearly basis. But, there are some benefits to purchasing a Yahoo listing:

    • Backlink from an authority directory: Google’s Webmaster Guidelines specifically reference the Yahoo directory as one of the locations to seek links from.  Authority websites will produce bigger and better SEO results with their links – and this is good for your website’s rankings.
    • Increased visibility in search engines: The Yahoo directory is authoritative in nature, so search engines robots will be crawling the directory and indexing the sites linked to in this directory – which increases your overall search engine visibility.
    • Increased traffic from direct visitors: The Yahoo directory boasts a large user-base, much like DMOZ.  By getting your website listed in the Yahoo Directory, you are increasing your chances for targeted visitors from the directory itself.
    • Better exposure in Yahoo, specifically: If you’ve found it difficult to get your website crawled by Yahoo – getting your website listed in their directory may help you get better to the Yahoo search engine, specifically.
    • Inclusion in other regional directories!: By listing your website to yahoo directory, your site will also listed in other regional directory like Yahoo Australia, Yahoo Canada, Yahoo UK, Yahoo India and so on.

    Of course, just as there are benefits when submitting your website to the Yahoo directory, there are also potential problems, or “cons”.  Here are some of the potential reasons not to submit your website to the Yahoo directory:

    • It’s not free: $299 is a lot of money for a single link, especially paid out on a yearly basis.
    • There’s no guarantee that you’ll be listed: Even if you fork over the money for the review, Yahoo may not approve your website.  This means that you’re out the review fee as it’s non-refundable.

    While submitting to the Yahoo directory is not free, it certainly has its advantages.  If nothing else, you can get a high-quality backlink from an authority directory; a directory specifically endorsed in the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  If you’ve got the cash to spare – it may very well be worth the investment to see how submitting your website to the Yahoo directory will benefit you.

    Source : Manish Mathukiya

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