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    Most of Link Building strategies may not give you effective and satisfied results. In some cases, these link development strategies are illegal and not recommended to use for anyone. Using these methods, you can get an impression that you’re amateur and absolute beginner.

    Wrong Link Building Techniques and Strategies

    Ask Wrong Sites for a Link Swap

    Many webmasters and bloggers, which have not an experience usually use this strategy to build up link popularity for own sites and blogs. By the way, they make a mayor mistake – asking the wrong sites to swap links between. Think about it a little, why would one popular blog or a website want to swap link with you if you have low ranked and not popular site, right? Then stop asking popular bloggers and webmasters to include your link for free – you are only waist their and your own valuable time.

    Pay For a Links on Other Sites

    For me, this is a normal way to share and build your own site link rating. But for Google it’s not! I’ve read so many times on many forums that Google banns webmasters and bloggers which buy a link on other sites. So, if you are using Google AdSense, don’t risk and sell text links on your sites.

    Don’t be a Spammer

    Nobody likes a spammer – person which post an not related posts, comments and articles on other sites, blogs and e-mails. If you want to get a quality backlink from a quality site, post descriptive, helpful and related comments or posts anywhere. Only this way you may improve your popularity and link rankings.

    Link Exchange – NOT

    Also, a lot of webmasters and blogging beginners do this mistake. When they agree for a link exchange with other site, they delete or make an no-follow attribute to agreed link on their site. With these links, you would not get any improvements or functionality. You should often check if that site linking to you or not.

    Don’t be Boring

    If you send someone a link exchange request, and you don’t get any response, don’t be boring and send same messages over and over again. It’s cleat that specific webmaster or a blogger doesn’t want to speak with you and he will ignore you again and again.

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