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  • Writing Articles For Publication & Syndication

    You should consider creating timely one-page articles about a product or service that you offer. Something that addresses industry issues or solves a customer problem perhaps. People who spend time writing online articles find their material published and distributed all over the Web in short order.

    This is a sure-fire way to get links. Make sure you include a keyword-rich link back to your site at the bottom of the page. In this way, you control both the content of the page and what the link says. This is a powerful technique that should not be underestimated or underutilized.

    The best sites for submitting your articles for publication and syndication are:


    Posting on Blogs, Forums and Newsgroups

    Don’t overlook relevant blog sites, forums and newsgroups as venues for posting short articles and snippets of useful content. There blogs and forums that pertain to every imaginable topic today. This is another great way to add links back to your site. Just don’t spam and overdo it, like some others can tend to do.

    In fact, the NOFOLLOW link attribute came as a result of the increasing tide of blog spam.  Do a View Source on the page to ensure that your link won’t have a NOFOLLOW attribute attached to it.

    Regardless of the site, be sure and always include a link to your site in your email “signature” line when posting.

    Writing Online Press Releases

    Journalists today are overwhelmed by the deluge of new information arriving via fax, email, mail and by phone. Savvy journalists in the interest of time are using the News search engines, such as Google News, Yahoo News and to find new press release material. Google News alone is read by more people each month than print or online newspaper.

    Optimize your online press release page in the same manner you would optimize we page on your website. Make sure your most important keywords are listed in the title, and make sure you have a keyword-relevant link in the Resources section of the press release. Most people are not optimizing their online press releases – yet.

    The best services for distributing your online press release are as follows. Each has a free distribution and a paid expanded distribution network:

    Donating to Non-Profits & Charities

    There are non-profit and charity organizations that will gladly add a link to your site if you donate to their cause. Either you can do volunteer work, help them update their website, write an article for them, or simply write a check. Not only are you doing a good thing for society, but your business is benefiting as well.

    For a site that with a great list of non-profit organizations, see GuideStar at

    Link Exchange Etiquette

    Because of email spamming, the days of sending out reciprocal link requests and getting any kind of response is coming to an end. Most reciprocal links requests today are generated by a software program that mindlessly spew outs grammatically incorrect, idiotic-sounding requests.

    To get people to read and respond to your reciprocal link requests, put yourself in their shoes. Here are some do’s and don’ts for email etiquette:

    1. Link to their site first. You are the one asking for a favor, so show your respect by linking to them first. I reject all link requests where they have not linked to me first.
    2. Make the Subject line concise: “ now links to”. This simple subject gets to the point and doesn’t waste any time.
    3. Make it personal – include some information that actually shows you visited their site in the first place. Most don’t and it shows.
    4. Don’t “threaten” by saying “your link will be removed from our site if you don’t reciprocate within x days”. YOU are the one asking for the favor.
    5. Keep it brief – I don’t want to read a 2-page link request where your link information is buried. Make it easy to find and keep it concise.
    6. Be specific – let them know exactly which page you want a link on, don’t make them spend time guessing or having to email you back.
    7. Don’t bug people with several fol ow-up requests… “This is our 3rd Link Request email”.  Everyone is busy and filling up their mailbox with multiple link requests is not going to get them to do it any sooner. Sending one follow-up email 2 weeks later is acceptable, sending one out every 2 days is not.

    Use the following template for your emails to prospective linking partners for exchanging links. Copy and modify as needed.

    [SUBJECT: now links to]

    Hello [name if known],

    The information on your site is of value to our customers. Our site, [name of your site], provides [your main product  or service].

    As such we have added a link to your site at [URL to your Links page]. If you find our site to be a useful resource, consider adding a link back to our site. Our link information is as follows:

    URL: [your home page or other important page]

    Link Title: [your link text using keywords]

    Link Description: [brief description of your site using keywords]

    Or, simply copy the code between the dotted lines to your web page:


    <a href=”http://[your domain name]/” target=”new”>

    [your link text using keywords]</a>

    [brief description of your site using keywords].


    Please review the link we have placed on our site and let us know if anything needs to be changed.

    Thanks for your time,

    [your name]

    [your URL or email]

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      It seems to me that while While you have some personal weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them.

    • @ Teach Win : Thank you for your assessment of me and my writing.
      Of course I have many weaknesses that I have to compensate to keep my life in balance. Every person have the same way, depends on whether they wanted to admit their weakness or remain in hiding to their own few merits.
      About changing the capacity I haven’t used to be a profit yet, I still have a lot to learn and keep learning (perhaps i may learns from you).
      Thank you for visiting.

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    • I have a hard times sometimes articles and have discovered that if I article directories which are have high traffic that when I find the articles written by others with alot of readers and print a copy of it that with a few articles to read, if I read them and then wait for about a day, my subconscious will then come up with ideas for a different approach to the topic but somewhat along the guidelines of the articles I have read.

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      And yes, sometimes the opinion can be more logic than the article. A simple beverage can invite a million praises or curses.
      Thanks for visiting, and remembering all of us :)

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