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    Keyword in your post content help search engines categorize your information in their database. They also help the user find your blog.

    Think through your post for keywords people will use to search for your content. For this particular article, keywords would be seo, search engine, optimization, keywords, clean, checking, maintenance, site maintenance, cleaning, optimizing, search, crawler, search engine crawler, validation, web, and standards. If you were searching for an article on search engine optimization, the odds are that you would use one or more of these words or phrases, so it is critical to include these words or phrases in your writing, at least more than once, to make sure the search engine crawler understands that these are words important to the content of your post.

    As you write your post content, adding titles, headings, links and images, write them right. Make sure that all titles and headings include one or more of your keywords, reinforcing the topic at hand. Make sure that all links and images have TITLE and ALT attributes, and again put some of your keywords in their titles and descriptions.

    <img src="keywords.gif" alt="Keywords pouring through the funnel or filter of a search engine crawler for search engine optimization techniques" />
    <a href="" title="SEO and Search Engine Optimization - Keyword">keywords</a>

    The better the spread of keywords in your article, without using them in between every other word like a search engine spammer, the more likely a search engine is to understand the topic you are writing about, and the more likely your audience is able to understand the topic.

    There are also tools that will help you by suggesting, analyzing, and checking your keyword density to make sure you are using enough keywords and the right keywords to help categorize your content.

    With so many learning about website development and design in a seat-of-the-pants educational method, the importance of words in your content is critical. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten complaints from photographers and graphic artists that their sites or blogs are not getting into search engines or getting any decent page ranking. I ask, “Where are your words?”

    “I have pictures. I don’t need words. They speak for themselves.”

    Well, while modern search engines are trying, they really can’t read your pictures. They can only read your descriptions of your pictures, the ones you tend to leave out of your image links.

    Without words, search engines can’t “read” anything. There is nothing to categorize or add to their database except code with links to graphics. The graphics will get picked up by Google Images or another search engine that catalogs images, but it won’t go easily into their main database. You have to have words, and you need to make sure the search engine understands the topic at hand, and that means paying attention to keywords.

    Remember, content matters.

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