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  • Wisely behind the computer

    The Optometrists College ( school of the inspection on eyes experts), English, shows more than half of British people ( about 30 million) stay behind the computer for 50 hours a week. One fifth of between it is passing the relax time by going at behind the computer during eight hours a week. The computer is meant as general computer not the super sophisticated computer.

    Statistical adds, more than 14 % people age 18-24 years pass the time six hours a day behind the computer when working.

    President of The Optometrists College, Dr. Rob Hogan tells, there was happened an improvement of man who using computer every day. Office’s employees are suggested to turn over from computer’s screen for several time among the work-time.”

    Too many time wasted in front of the computer’s screen might destruct our eyes for permanently. Fatigue eye, confused, foggy sight, and unable to focus. Be sure if this will un-comfort.

    So, to keep our eyes remain to be healthy though often stays front of the computer screen, just do some things following below :

    1. If it is required to wear eyeglasses front of computer. Winks for regularly. When we were focus at the computer screen, our body goes strained, less produce of tears, and eye seldom to winks.

    2. Remembers to the order 20-20-20. Mean every 20 minutes, trurn your sight at distance 20 feets ( six metre) away from monitor during 20 seconds.

    3. Spaces out between eyes and screen about 40-76 cm.

    4. Ascertains diametrical monitor top or a few under the horizontal direction of sight.

    5. Lifts computer’s monitor around 10-20 degrees so it’s obtained the optimal viewpoint.

    6. Cleans the screen from dirt and fingerprints. Spaces your chair and the screen.

    7. Puts the data sheet which must be written beside the computer screen. So the eyes can focus between computers and data.

    8. Arranges letter in computer based on our sight capability and chair distance with screen in order not to bother our body posture to sit and prevents illness on neck, back or arms.

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