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    Become A Bloggers can make some good money, and it has long been discussed in Indonesia recently. However, the public seems less concerned about Wikier IT  term which was first mentioned by one Indonesian IT expert, OnnoW. Purbo.
    Being a Blogger is able to provide benefits, to every passer-try, not even hundreds of thousands of dollars can be bagged by a blogger in just 30 days. But being a blogger who concurrently become a Wikier it was more profitable. How come? Wiki is one of the largest sites in the world, and giving freedom to all its visitors to write anything down there. This is what led to the possibility of Link Spam (flooding technique a page with a link).
    Wiki (wikipedia) Spam as the name suggests, is a technique often used to make spam to existing / existing applications. Consider that maybe some people will think the number of pages in wikipedia are hundreds of thousands of what they will see and click on the link to us? It was also the first time I think about when trying to perform this technique Wiki Spam. However, what it would be nice if we did not try and do not underestimate the existing and techniques of this Wiki Spam.
    It happened on the site is still new and do not have interesting content, so that visitors who come today probably will not be coming back tomorrow. But what if it is done with a site that has content that competent and attractive? beside the existing statistical results above, obtained only from a small number (less than 5 pieces) links on Wikipedia. Imagine if you made more than 2000 links?

    Interesting is not it?

    Source : Info Komputer, July 2008

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