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  • Welcome to our site!

    Finally, we complete the construction phase of this site. After for a several time we use a free sub domain service, which actually gives us a lot of difficulties and problems.
    But this is just another beginning. Isn’t a finish line could be the starting line for a different competition ? – an endless race. This is to test our consistency to create something from all of our best efforts, we hope you can appreciate to what we have provided in this site.

    So, let along to go through the dark (membuka gelap: through the dark). Release from the shackles that hold back and delay every step to improve. The dawn has arrived with a light to illuminate our world, so that we can learn and try.

    Since the dawn has saved us from the darkness, and then unveil the element of our lives for the better: “intention”, “ability”, “effort” and “faith”. Where every element has mutually reciprocal ties with each other – straight link and back link.

    And we have learned from when we first fall, when we collapsed and were desperate. When darkness have ever “abduct” us from our life.
    We learn from everything around, wherever we are, in every time we breathe, we learn to improve our self and become better and will not let anyone else fell like we used to.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Let’s dive and explore the world more deeply, earn from it, reap the harvest to reach a better life :)

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