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    A website or blog’s health and fitness is critical to its success. Validating your website for errors frequently is one way of getting an annual checkup, but there are other elements that also need to be checked routinely for problems and updates.

    This topic is very important, so we should pay attention for this topic. Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor than to finally find the information you need only to discover that the link is dead or broken. Website designs gone bork and screwy make for unpleasant viewing. Out of date information, layout, design, or presentation makes a site worthless. And if something in your blog is broken, then a search engine will flounder around and exit, leaving your site sitting in its own dust. It’s critical to keep up with your site’s maintenance plan, for its health and yours.

    Here are some articles to help you improve your website or blog’s health and fitness:

    Free SEO Techniques

    While businesses with blogs and websites need to hire experts to maintain their sites, you, the do-it-yourself blogger, can do the same things with little or no money, only time and effort. Yes, it does take time. While you can buy a piece of software that will do most of this for you, printing out a neat report within a few minutes, that little piece of software may cost you from USD $50 – $900. If you got the time and not the money, Do-It-Yourself SEO is a much better choice.

    You will find a checklist summary of the things you need to do for website development and search engine optimization in the article on Step-by-Step Website Development.


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