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    So you’ve just finished creating your new website. It looks good and you are ready for the visitors, you can’t wait for the traffic to come. So how are you going to get traffic to your new site? You will now need to promote your new site. Here are a few things you could start with:

    1. Submit your site to the Search Engines

    If you want people to find your site then you should start by submitting your site to the biggest 3 search engines, which are Google, Yahoo and MSN. They will find your site eventually without submitting to them but why wait. You should also submit your site to all the other lesser-known search engines because some people don’t or can’t use the big 3. Can be time consuming to submit your site to most of them so Search Engine Submission Software is recommended for this.

    2. Submit your site to Directories

    People go here to find other websites. Provides good incoming links when your site is listed on directories, which can over time increase your website’s popularity and SE rankings. There are so many directories that this can also be time consuming.

    3. Submit your site to Classifieds

    Was once considered to be an excellent way to get traffic to your site but not as effective today, however, it still could be worth your while submitting your site to the classified sites using Search Engine Submission Software because most of those sites are considered high traffic sites.

    The above three methods are great ways to promote your site and start getting traffic but they can be very time consuming if you decide to submit your site manually to the above, however, there is a much faster and incredibly simpler way to get your site on over 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Classifieds, Online Malls and Link pages by using Search Engine Submission Software like this

    You could also consider other ways of getting visitors to your site like

    1. Article Distribution – Writing articles about what can be found on your site and distributing them to article directories with a link to your site included in every article you write.
    2. Participate in Forums that are related to your sites content – Post your opinion or expertise on the subject matter, and over time you’ll be allowed add a link to your site with every post you make.
    3. Add lots of related links to your site – This is reciprocal linking where someone adds your link to their site while you agree to add their link to your site – make sure the sites you link to are related to your site in some way, this will improve your search engine ranking for more traffic, eg. If you have a weight loss site you should link to other weight loss related sites like health, fitness, diet, exercise.
    4. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) – Brings in quality traffic but it can get costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every time someone visits your site it will cost you a pre-determined amount usually a few cents. I recommend you learn all about this method before you dive in, however, you can at least set your limit on how much you are willing to spend on this.
    5. Traffic Exchanges – This is where you view other people’s sites to gain credits that will allow them to view your site. Most of the people viewing your site will have no interest in your site, they are only clicking on your site to gain credits. Worth a try because it’s free to join.
    6. Advertise in Ezines – This can be an excellent way to advertise your website. Only use ezines that are related to your site and have a large circulation. Allow your site ad a few months of advertising to get the best value.
    7. Hit Boosters – Instant traffic to your site using software technology. Some can be quite useless but others can bring in truly remarkable results for your site.

    There are many more traffic gaining techniques. The above are 10 good ways that will get traffic to your site and a couple of solutions to your site promotion ventures. My advice is to try the above first and then when you are familiar with them you can look for other methods.

    Source : Traffic-Supersurge

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