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  • The Necessity of Search Engine Submission

    Considering whether we need to do registration our website or blog on Search Engines is probably not an important thing to discuss. But if we look at from the perspective of our website / blog credibility, may be a critical thing to note.

    So should we do that?

    In an analogy that the Search Engine as a consumer who was doing a window shopping on the Internet, and we as the owner of the web / blogs as of commodity traders who offer a web form that has a certain content. Search Engine obviously has an absolute right to view, rate and purchase price of goods and commodities that we offered. Please note that they are automatically has so many assets in the form of web addresses / blog. Starting the list from very good contents quality blogs, to which un-interesting contents blogs.

    So how being a consumer with an abundance of similar assets when offered to buy the same goods (regardless of the quality in it)? The answer may be your own guess. Therefore, I have an opinion as to enjoy the challenge of website owners, allowing the collector of quality goods to find ours in their own way, not us who sell and even give discount to them. Didn’t you are always gets suspicious of cheap goods, or who have excessive discounts? Moreover, given for freely.

    When an adventurer like Indiana Jones even more loves the adventures of the value antiques, than have it by given freely. An element that is difficult to translate by formulas and terminology.

    Now we try to live how we introduce commodity. Great introductory promotion plus some discounts? Doing simple soft launching with? Or else … everybody has their own way. What about you?

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