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  • Submit to Technorati to optimize SEO

    What the benefits gained by registering the blog to Technorati. According to my knowledge, experience and widespread info, if you register your blog to Technorati blog then you will not only be share by the Technorati, but it’s you also get a free backlink of your post, because Technorati will make a link to each post in your blog. So the other benefits will help to improve your traffic or even your pagerank.

    Backlink in this case is not google backlinks or yahoo backlinks. But, indirect link from Technorati although no-follow attribute, the visitors may clicked your link in Technorati it can give points to your blog in the form of traffic, this is where you benefit from the traffic your blog / website high PR has a higher point of traffic from low PR blogs. Be sure that other blog/web-masters using Technorati too, and that means good. And or even doesn’t, even your blog/web hasn’t indexed by search engines, Technorati will help to show to the public. Please note that one of the main support element considered in calculating Pagerank is clicks, with the traffic to your blog will cause a process you click on the blog (click the process that would be recorded by Google and taken into account in determining the PR of your blog).

    Actually, Technorati’s default will index sites all over the world, so without submitting your blog, it still has a chance to be listed in Technorati, but it may take a long time to indexed, so it would not hurt us to register our own blog to Technorati so fast indexed by Technorati.

    To make application to Technorati can use the following link: If you are new, click Join to register a new account. Fill the form that show, and then check your email. Technorati will send you the activation link to login and start claiming a blog/web.

    If you are web master, not blog master, you will need to put a code into your post that given by Technorati. Such as H2GVSARYJUHU. This is to besure the machine of Technorati, that you are the author of the website.

    Additional not, you can use Technorati’s widget banner to put into your blog. It will surely verifying that you are the owner of the blog/website.

    So, what you are waiting for? H2GVSARYJUHU

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    12 comments to Submit to Technorati to optimize SEO

    • It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

    • exactly. I’m not a master, i just try to invite anyone to learn with me.
      Sometime when we can’t solve our problems, we might ask somebody else to help (packaged with an invitation).
      thanks to remind me at all

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    • @ Hiptfaixtup : Thanks for visiting

    • Well, If you have ever thought of writing some script to automate those things that you do many times each day, then you have a great and easy way to automate the entir e process. It comes without saying that a few imacros and firefox add-ons can automate all actions connected to a browser (Mozilla). If you want to automate your system as such, then you may need another script, easy commands will automate your system. Even a beginner can automate things using a simple software called as sikuli all you need to do is to inform Sikuli what to do by giving some screenshots and easy commands.
      A GUI can be used with Sikuli. Sikuli is an open siurce scripting application that will use a mixture of straightforward commands like click, type, wait and so on. There’s no internal API support, it simply searches the screen for the image within the screenshot-that implies that you’ll be able to use it for anything. There is literally no limit on how you employ it to automate things.
      This is too good to be true, however if you watch the subsequent video, you will come to know that this is extremely easy. If you visit their home page, you get a lot of tutorials and support; it can be a cake walk even for beginners. You can check the video as well as get the software at

    • @ Richardwasingeot : Hey, Thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, I just hear it for now. It might help me, though I’m not using automate content like WP-O-Matic, I’m just scheduling my posts until the next 3 months (so I may split my head to my other blog/site). Once again, Thank you for your great helps suggestion – soon to try that :)

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    • @ Treaghentug : Je vous remercie de votre visite …

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