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    #5: Scatter Brained Affiliate and the PPC Profit Pump – How to Pump Up the Profits on Your PPC Campaign to the Stratosphere

    Let me ask you a question:

    Are you scatter brained affiliate?

    Let’s say you launch a PPC affiliate campaign, you optimize it, and get your affiliate promotions to $100/day in profit. WOW! That’s $3000/month profit. You’re really excited!

    Now you have two choices:

    1. You think to yourself, “Hey, if I do this in 10 different markets, I’ll make $30,000/month profit!” And since you’ve heard all this talk about “diversifying” you decide to jump into a completely new market you know nothing about, in an attempt to duplicate your success.

    2. You think to yourself, “I’m just touching the surface of the income potential in this market!” Then you decide to leverage everything you’ve learned in this market. You continue to expand your affiliate promotion by adding more keywords, expanding onto other search engines, hiring a web designer to make a professional site, adding more unique content to your site, split test your landing page to improve sales, etc., etc.

    Now sadly enough, most affiliates will opt for scenario one, and here’s what will likely happen six months down the road:

    Scenario 1:

    This person, basically letting his $100/day profit run on autopilot, now goes into 10 different markets. Unfortunately they all turn out to be duds (or only temporarily profitable), accept for the 7th one, where again he makes $100/day profit.

    However, by the time that happens, market conditions have changed and more competition has entered his first market. He starts to lose money on the first market. Overwhelmed and distracted by all the markets he’s testing, he stops it and says to himself “I’ll come back to that later.” Which he knows he never will.

    Then he gets an email from an Internet Marketing ‘guru’ about how to easily make $50,000/month with pre-fab AdSense templates.

    Again, he thinks “diversify” and says “Okay, let me do a little bit of AdSense while I spend the other half of my time looking for more winning affiliate campaigns.” So he devours the ebook, gets excited about it for a couple weeks, sees no results, and then drops it.

    And so far in six months this person is still at $100/day profits, investing half of his/her time into testing new campaigns in different markets (instead of building up the one profitable campaign first), and the other half buying the latest money making get-rich-overnight ebooks.

    Sound familiar?

    Scenario 2:

    As you’ve probably figured out, this is the Super Affiliate.

    Over the next several months he continues to expand and build up the budding campaign that started at $100/day profit. He adds 5,000 keywords to the campaigns, expands to other PPC search engines, and tests out the Google Content Network. He improves and split tests his site, and manages to increase his conversions over time by 50%.

    Six months down the road he’s making $1500/day profit from this campaign that started at only $100/day!

    Not only is this campaign highly optimized, it has a broad reach in terms of keyword exposure, search engines, content network ads, etc., etc. This campaign will still be highly profitable even if a lot of new competitors enter the market or the market enters a seasonal slow down (such as the summer).

    What the Super Affiliate did (in scenario two) is a critical process called scaling. I like to call it “PPC Profit Pumping.”

    When you find an affiliate campaign that works (the Momentum Magic process will help you do that) you want continue to pump profits out of it.

    Here’s are major steps to profit pump your SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE PPC campaigns:

    How to Profit Pump Your Affiliate Campaigns

    1. Add more keywords to your campaign. This is the MOST powerful way to pump up your profits.
    2. Improve your landing page conversion rate. Even a small change can potentially double your sales.
    3. Improve the Click Through Rate of your Google Ads. Click Through Rate (CTR) is a measure of the percentage of times your ads is clicked on by Google searchers.
    4. Copy your Google campaigns to other PPC engines, like Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. You can instantly DOUBLE your profits by doing this.
    5. Launch your campaign on the Google Content Network (if you’re only doing one). The Content Network is when your ads show up on Google partner websites that have content related to your keyword. Many gurus advise against this, but I’ve quietly made a fortune with the Content Network in many niches.

    Now I know some of you are thinking: “Can you really increase the profits of an affiliate campaign just by using this crazy profit pumping strategy?

    Sounds almost too simple and easy to be true!?!”

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