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    #4: Momentum Magic – Missing Magic Ingredient that’s Keeping Most Affiliate Businesses from REALLY Taking Off

    I want you to think of your affiliate marketing business as a big boulder. Now your goal is to become a Super Affiliate. How do you hit that goal?

    You have to push that boulder over a hill and Super Affiliate success and riches are waiting for you at the bottom of the other side of the hill.

    Now it’s going to take A LOT of energy and effort in the beginning when you’re trying to get that boulder up to the top of that hill.

    But once you get the boulder to the top of the hill the rest is easy, because now all you have to do is push your boulder DOWNHILL. As you push it downhill, it will gain more and more speed until you don’t have to push it at all!

    At which point you’re a Super Affiliate with a massive income on virtual autopilot. Unfortunately, most affiliates do not apply enough energy to even move the boulder, let alone get it to the top of the mountain. The affiliates that do successfully move the boulder often times decide to call it quits just before they reach the top of the hill!

    If only they had applied just a little bit more energy in pushing the boulder!

    Here’s how you apply enough energy to your boulder so that it hits the top of the hill:

    1. Launch at least five-10 PPC campaigns a month consistently and LEARN from the ones that fail as well as the ones that succeed. This is SO critical when you’re in the momentum building phase. The more campaigns you launch a month, the more energy you’re applying to the boulder. If you only launch one campaign a month, and spend all your time trying to make it work, then you’re NOT applying enough energy to even move the boulder.

    2. Stay consistent,. Don’t launch 10 PPC campaigns one month and zero the next. If you do this your boulder will start moving backwards!

    Now once you get your boulder to the top of the mountain, the rest is just a matter of adding fuel to the fire by profit pumping (point #5) and building up the profitable campaigns you’ve found. This is the FUN part! :)

    Are you applying enough energy to the boulder so that it’s moving up the mountain, or are you just scratching your head trying to figure out why the boulder isn’t moving?

    Please understand that this process of building momentum will not only allow you to find the low hanging fruit (i.e. hot affiliate offers) as you crank through the numbers and test one affiliate offer after another…

    You will also learn a TON about this business in the process!

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