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    #3: PPC Heartbreaker – Why You Can’t Treat Your Affiliate Campaign Like a New Born Baby

    This one is by far THE most dangerous mistake you can make as a PPC affiliate. Why…?

    Because this mistake I’m about to tell you about can BANKRUPT you. No joke.

    Now this is NOT something I’m making up, this is something we’ve seen in a few of our students — we we’ve done everything in our power to stop them and lead them in the right direction.

    “So what the lethal mistake is already!”

    Treating your affiliate campaign like your first born, and banking everything on it!

    I’ve seen affiliates drop $2000 on an affiliate offer with NO sales, and then suddenly they get one $20 sale and get all excited and drop another $1000 on it.

    So they’ve dropped $3000 on an offer with one sale!?!

    Now when one of our PPC coaches told this person to pause his campaign, he refused. He said he wanted to “collect more data!?!”

    I’ve heard countless stories of people dropping hundreds, even thousands running an affiliate campaign with little to nothing to show for it.

    They think that one day their affiliate campaign will magically start converting and making them money… hopefully before they go bankrupt!

    I’ll be totally honest with you… If this is your strategy for making money with affiliate marketing then:

    1. STOP… that is PAUSE everything
    2. DROP
    3. And ROLL Before you go aflame in bankruptcy.

    Here’s a tip: If you spend $100 on an affiliate offer and it’s not near breakeven, then PAUSE IT AND MOVE ON.

    Never, ever get emotionally attached to your affiliate campaign.

    Never ? for even one moment ? think a campaign that is making virtually ZERO sales will magically start making money for you.

    The key to success is to find a HOT affiliate offer. That is, an offer that starts converting right away, the minute you launch it.

    Sure, you can go into a hyper-competitive market and try to duke it out. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re a seasoned Super Affiliate looking for a challenge. Especially when there’s TONS of low hanging fruit out there ripe for the picking.

    “Tons of low hanging fruit? I’ve been struggling with affiliate marketing for the last six months…!”


    If it’s anything less than a minimum of 30 then you’d better get BUSY. Why 30? Read the next section on ‘Momentum Magic’…

    To be continued …

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