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  • Some Blogging problems with the solutions

    Blogging is not always enjoyable. Though trying to enjoy it, problem which suddenly confused emerges blocks our mind. Our gall for keep blogging will be tested.

    ” History has shown us that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.” ( BC. Forbes )

    So… to become a succeed blogger, we simply may not fail with various barricades when blogging. Problems may comes to be face, if sometimes you feel madness saturation, just try to refresh our spirit of blogging.

    OK, this is some problems which generally strikes when we are blogging and the way to solve it :

    A. Writes the content

    Blogging is about writing. I am one of example of newbie blogger which is not able to yield a content every day. Ideas often gone away. This make me wondering when I read some name like Brain Clark, or Darren Rowse, or Skellie who was said able to writes 10-20 contents every day. What a man? Have you ever experience to stag when blogging?

    Solution :

    1.  Gets idea from the hot news thus discussed by peoples, then wrote and pours in your own version. By this way, we can yield an original contents.

    2.  Create some filler contents, the short articles filling our blog when our idea are dismiss. To take care of our blog topic, filler contents might be the form of new update or source you found of supporting articles before all.

    3.  Takes care of our content articles so that visitor doesn’t tired to reads. Collects any tips and tricks then write into good and simple contents. Though it’s sound easy, writes is simply needs separate expertise.

    B. English Language

    For most non English basic language blogger (like me) which only have some few vocabularies, Paid To Review programs promise so many dollars may felt like dilemma. Not To Mention Google Adsense too, which having bad impression for non English blog.

    At the time of writing an English content, the fingers often freeze above the keyboard because our brain can’t find the correct vocabularies to explain our aim in the article. This is not mention to the grammar too. Scary !!

    Solution :

    1.  Remembers to the term “Learning by Doing”? Visits sites, blogs or English-speaking forum, read thus articles/thread, read the dialogue in the comment box, and dares to join to comments. Increasingly our ability to writes English content would be increasingly better.

    2.  We can write content in Indonesian formerly then translate into English language. More longer time, but more effectively than write directly into English, which we lately realize – can make the purpose of content we gonna diffraction because our less vocabularies, or the doubt of crawling to our own articles. Focus in the fullness of message from the content is the wish of all, has just in the phases to exercises in writing directly the content into English.

    3.  Which is the instant way, use translator software, a kind of Transtool, Toggletext, Google Translator, or others. But we must re-correcting the result of the translation, because such those softwares have away off from perfection languange.

    4.  Why don’t you join to an English courses?

    C. Traffic and Popularitas Blog

    High and continues traffic becomes the characteristic of a popular blog. For newbie blogger, this might just a dream. But in the reality often gives a shaking up when seeing the stats visitor is always less. Makes heading and ‘killing’ content is still can’t attract the traffic. Hopelessly? Wait a moment!

    Solution :

    1.  Continue to blogwalking and leave some comments. This also suggested by Yaro Starak. Exploits the blogs by installing plugin like CommentLuv which will make link to last posting of our blog.

    2.  Promotes your content  to social bookmarking sites. It’s not prohibited to your own posted articles.

    3.  Applies to thousands of classified advertisement sites for promotion. Free of charge! Select and chooses our best contents, then advertise it. Don’t make the visitors to be disappointed because of the quality of our content doesn’t match to their expectation of when they read our advertisement.

    4.  Sharpens our SEO ability. Besides of hoping traffic from the methods before, don’t forget the traffic from the popular search engine.

    5.  If the traffic comes, takes care of your blog from the things which they do not like. As longer as they are in our blog, it will makes the good impact.

    D. Builds Back-link

    If there is a moment when a friend of blog ask to a back-link to our blog, this is not such an easy thing. We needs a content which really meets the quality so that it’s competent to refer with a back-link. Link exchange with other blogger must need time.

    Solution :

    1.  We can start it is beforehand with the blogger which leveled to us. Search as many as possible for similar relationship. Offers to link exchange. If they refuse or your bargain doesn’t response, it’s not necessary to reduce your relationship. Blogger is  also a human being.

    2.  Create other free blogs and posting some articles, give a link to your main blog. a kind of this Blog recognized as the dummy blog.

    3.  Writes for tutorial articles, how-to or any kind of which we expect will draw other blogger enthusiasm to give back-link to the articles.

    I believe that those 4 problems above can’t describe all of blogger’s problems. Some others like monetizing, coding, internet connection, domain and hosting selection, and so others. I can only mention most importantly according to me.

    Is it according to you too?

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