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  • Six Easy Methods to Increase Traffic

    Whenever I read a story about a new blog that was set up, and the owner started to make big money fast, it makes me mad. It’s not hard to do, but it’s not that instant!

    Blogging is actually not the hardest thing to do. But without traffic, you are just writing to yourself. However, here are a few easy things that will make sure you get visitors to your blog:

    First, blog often – at least twice a week. This will increase the chances that the blog will be indexed by the search engines. Continually adding content will increase the likelihood that people will return often to read the blog.

    When blogging, it is helpful to visit the sites of other blog owners, read their blogs, and post suggestions and comments. These comments and suggestions should be useful, rather than just meaningless agreements with previously submitted contributions. Blog owners don’t appreciate spam. Your post is much more likely to be accepted if it is meaningful.

    The savvy blogger will not only post these helpful comments and suggestions; there is another key to increasing blog traffic. The individual will also post a link to his or her blog when making these posts. Each time that you do this it adds value. The blog owner will receive a Trackback notice of your good faith link, and eventually, the author of the blog will respond by linking back to your blog site as well.

    When linking back to blogs, it is much more helpful to link to sites that complement, rather than compete, with yours. For example, if you are writing about dating, you might select a blog that is complementary; a blog that discusses romantic trips or gift suggestions is a good example of a complementary site. Posting to complementary sites avoids undesirable competition, and both blog sites should be able to increase blog traffic.

    Another important consideration is to ensure that visitors are able to subscribe to the blog through either a newsletter or Feedburner subscription option. If visitors are required to search the Internet to relocate the blog, or are only able to bookmark it, chances are much less likely that they will return to read it, and your attempt to increase blog traffic will fail. If it is delivered via email, they are much more likely to continue reading the blog.

    Always having the RSS button displayed prominently on the website is very beneficial. Many readers will read your blog from their Yahoo! Membership area. It is very important to your blog traffic attempts that readers be able to find this link. To assist with future sales, increase the subscriber base with such methods while you also increase blog traffic.

    Consider carefully exactly what you hope to accomplish with your blog. Although it is designed to make money, simply putting up many advertising banners and affiliate links will cause people to tire quickly of reading the blog. These advertisements and links are useful, but only when used in a way that doesn’t overpower the reader or the blog.

    Banners and affiliate links can be a good thing, as long as they are used effectively and don’t overpower the blog. Your goal is not only to increase blog traffic, but also to become known as an expert in your field, so that visitors will want to return to your site to learn from you.

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