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    Signature or initials are usually the facilities provided in an online community forum, or an email service. Such signature in general, the signature in cyberspace is also useful as a marker of your identity.
    The difference is that if in the real world, signature shape in lines or such as graffiti which are not clear, while the signature in the world of the Internet in the form of an anchor link.

    If you have a lot to join in online forums, you may slightly improve on your signature.
    Maybe, before you simply insert your nickname or homepage URL of your website.
    What if you integrate the two, becomes an anchor link. In way of inserting the HTML code in the signature filling column

    [url =] keyword [/ url]

    With understanding, your domain name can be replaced with the domain name you mean. And the word is replaced with the word keywords that will be displayed as an anchor link.

    This trick does not only apply to the signature forums, but you may apply it also when you leave a comment while doing blogwalking.

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