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  • SEO Monitoring and Strategy

    After all your hard work, you need to measure your progress and results over time. This section discusses what you should monitor regularly and what strategies you may need to implement for success. To wrap it up, there is a checklist that summarizes the processes and tasks used in the book.

    It amazes me the resources that people put into continuing plain dumb business practices. I believe there are two mindsets out there with webmasters when it comes to Internet marketing, including SEO. The following illustrates the differences:

    The Successful SEO Mindset

    1. Creates useful, relevant new page content as needed.
    2. Syndicates useful articles in a regular manner.
    3. Submits newsworthy online press releases regularly.
    4. Submits their site to relevant directories, one by one.
    5. Worries about increasing traffic, conversion, growing market share.
    6. Builds a site with visitors and customers as top priority.
    7. Realizes that successful online promotion costs time and money.
    8. Finds quality writers and link-builders to complement their own resources.
    9. Quality and adding value is their mantra in everything. (Ex: fewer, quality links)
    10. Steady, incremental improvements. In it for the long term.
    11. Doesn’t give up, and doesn’t stop when success is achieved.
    12. Spends time understanding and improving relationships with customers.
    13. Measures, tests and refines SEO campaign for improvement.

    The Unsuccessful SEO Mindset

    1. Buys software that automatical y creates hundreds of spammy junk pages.
    2. Spams every blog site with irrelevant drivel.
    3. Spams every blog site with irrelevant drivel.
    4. Buys software for $29.95 to submit their site to 18,000 directories.
    5. Worries about PageRank, keyword density, stuffing H1 tags, ranking #1.
    6. Builds a site with search engines (and their manipulation) as top priority.
    7. Tries to get everything for free and complains when results suck.
    8. Uses cheap offshore labor to buy as many pages and links as possible.
    9. Quantity and saving money is their mantra. (Ex: Get as many links as possible)
    10. Short-term, quick-buck, “lets try everything and see what sticks” mentality.
    11. Gives up before results are achieved (SEO doesn’t work for me).
    12. Spends time whining in the forums.

    Doesn’t measure, test or try anything different.

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