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    Search engine is a computer program originally designed to help computer users find  files or data which stored on the computer, either their stand-alone computer or web server computer.
    By entering a keyword phrase as contained in the data and in the name of the file, after the search process – we’ll get a list of files that have particular relevance to the phrase that we wrote earlier.

    Similarly, the search engine mechanisms in the Internet world, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.. By writing a keyword phrase to search for relevant information, after the search process – we will be confronted with a search result list of web pages catalog that have relevance to keywords (queries) that we use.

    List of search results sorted by ranking, the weight of relevance and popularity factor is calculated with the formula a particular algorithm.
    The greatness of these search engines require nearly 100,000 computers working for rapid search process to index millions, billions even trillions existing web pages.

    Google’s presence as a search engine that is very popular with Internet users, because the simple design and concept of focus. With great technology and calculations in determining the pattern index and avoids the manipulation techniques such as link spamming and the offering excessive keywords (for more caught by relevancy in the searching result).

    Google now hold for 50% of Internet users in the use of search engines. Compared yahoo search that only hold for  30% embraced loyal users, the remaining contested by hundreds of other search engines.

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