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    From several surveys point to the fact that approximately 90% of Internet users are interested only in the first two pages are indexed from the search results. Others choose to use other search engines or use other keywords rather than waste time waiting for the next 10 pages. Does your web found there?

    33% of Internet users believe that Web companies found in the ranks of the search index using for more specific categories. SEM built the brand awareness and the formation of profiles online. This proved to generate a large traffic.

    The advantages of using search engine :

    1. As many as 85% visitors to find sites that they visit through search engines.
    2. Visitor traffic from search engines are important because they are seekers of material / products that may be your market.
    3. Search engine capable of working 7 x 24 hours a week without any break.

    Factors that become common mistakes in SEO:

    1. Lack of target words or phrases in your web searches do not lead to indexed well.
    2. Web content is bad or lazy update web content to search engines are reluctant to index your website.
    3. Using blackhat SEO techniques that try to deceive almost all search engine spiders, and if you get caught then your website will be on blacklist.

    Source : PC+

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