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    The issue of global warming resulting in climate changes on a large scale on this planet has become very common to all levels of society.
    Some of us still can only complain and comment without doing anything that had a positive impact of this incident, despite knowing that these are causal of us as well.
    Exploitation of natural resources tehadap not diibangi with overcoming the negative impact of such exploitation. Starting from the collection, processing, use and disposal.

    But some among us may already understand that positive change always begins with small things on our own. Because of a collection of individuals and collection of small things, will be a collection of diverse individuals in the face of this earth, and a collection of things useful for the survival age of the earth.
    It’s claimmed with brilliant ideas for environmentally friendly energy sources, efficient and cheap.
    Geothermal and solar energy are probably the most sensible solutions to this problem. But again the question arises when we have to deal with the damage and the waste that already exists.

    Then some of us were thinking hard and trying to create innovations to overcome the things that were questionable.
    Stick to the principle of the Recycle – Reuse – Reduce, they also introduce a great technology to save the planet. At least for treating injuries suffered by our planet. The renewable energy, Opportunity fuels, turn the waste to energy.
    N-Viro International Corporation has successfully developed several technologies to produce environmentally friendly fuel, efficient and cheap – with the additional consideration of industrial waste processing business.
    A big step and very meaningful for all humanity to begin a new lifestyle. Living a healthy and healthful.

    Technology developed by N-Viro are appropriate technologies. Like: Processing mixed solid waste land into arable land which ready to plant, soil treatment process that fully free of pests and waste factors, processing organic waste into fertilizer, appropriate, and of course environmentally friendly fuel.
    So, we all can use it as a way to use the earth wisely and carefully saving the planet. Just like a cleaning coal for our alternative energy, free of dusts, ashes and hushes.

    Thank you for the technology being introduced, and you have developed. Earth needs more people like you who are in environments.

    Save the earth, green earth – green life, great life.

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