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    It is not advisable to submit to too many paid directories, especially those that sell backlinks for Page Rank.  However, there are still some directories that may be worth the money for a paid listing.

    After last PR Update of 2006 the start of Google’s long fight against paid links, we received emails from many of our clients. They were asking us whether they should bother submitting their websites to paid directories, and many were concerned that Google or other search engines would ban and/or penalize their website because these were considered paid links.

    Well, Matt Cutts answered some questions about directories on the Digitalpoint forums about this very subject. According to him:

    – Does the directory reject urls? If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site.

    – What is the quality of urls in the directory? Suppose a site rejects 25% of submissions, but the urls that are accepted/listed are still quite low-quality or spammy. That doesn’t speak well to the quality of the directory.

    – If there is a fee, what’s the purpose of the fee? For a high-quality directory, the fee is primarily for the time/effort for someone to do a genuine evaluation of a url or site.

    (P.S. Matt Cutts is a senior engineer at Google and works for the quality group.)

    Many of our clients were afraid that if they submitted to paid directories that it would be considered a “paid link”.  Now, you can decide for yourself by using what Matt said above whether a particular directory would be offering a backlink for payment of Page Rank, not for the time and effort to review the submission.

    In simple words,

    “Directories which charges minimum fees for review (for the time/effort of the editors) are not the problem. However, stay away from directories which are selling links for passing PR, Link Juice or just to make money” Here are a few recommended paid directories:

    1. Yahoo Directory
    2. Joeant Directory
    3. Skaffe
    4. Abilogic
    5. eLib
    6. Botw Directory
    7. Wow Directory
    8. GoGuides
    9. Gimpsy
    10. Aviva directory

    There was some discussion in the forums about submitting a website to the Aviva directory. A guy was “thinking” that the Aviva directory is nothing but a planned link farm. If you don’t know, Aviva is a heavily promoted general website directory. Jeff (the owner) promoted it like crazy and got a Google PR of 7. I can’t say that the Aviva directory is a link farm, however, because in the words of one of our clients:

    “When I submitted one of MFA (made for Adsense) website, after few hours, I got a refund. My website was not approved.” Our Client’s website was NOT approved because it did not meet the submission guidelines for the Aviva directory. That act, in itself, proved how much care Jeff was putting into that directory so that he could maintain a quality resource.  Many paid directories don’t care about quality – they spend a lot of time and money to build up the PR of their directories so that they can sell links.

    And, those that blindly accept money for poor-quality websites are not the types of directories that you should be submitting to.

    Source : Manish Mathukiya

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