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  • Promotions On and Off Page

    There are two ways to optimize your site pages to be more easily recognized and favored by search engines. Methods namely On Page and Off Page SEO.

    On Page SEO method covers a variety of promotional activities that support the internal website, or just stick to the relevant website itself.
    For example, with regular content updates, content modification and site architecture, meta tags optimization, create sitemap, which facilitates navigation crawling the website and visitors, to provide a link anchor in the form of internal links.
    All the above activities would significantly affect the increased level of relevancy of each web page. Because the methods of On Page only concentrate to the web pages.

    Meanwhile, Off Page SEO method is how to optimize your website promotion through activities outside the website. Suppose that by doing blogwalking, leave a comment to get a do follow link, look for inbound links to your site, and various other activities in the form of promotional actions without changing the web page.
    It is also believed to raise your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

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