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    Imagine how many past generations dream of flying like a bird in the air. Now you have the chance to realize this dream by enjoying the magnificent feeling of paragliding. Paragliding is an aero sport, which, using the latest technology, enables you to fly without engines like an eagle in the clouds – it’s a sport like no other.

    It’s easy, simple and cheap and through experience and training allows skilled paragliders the chance to do amazing aerial maneuvers and cover vast distances.

    Paragliding in Indonesia

    As the most volcanic region of the world, Indonesia has no shortage of hills and mountains to enjoy paragliding from and the sport is growing rapidly with new dramatic sites being discovered all the time. There is an amazing variety of geographical features across the archipelago, offering paragliders the chance to launch from dramatic mountains, ridges, cliffs and slopes, over land and over sea.

    The growing number of popular paragliding sites across the country include areas from the west of the archipelago to the east, from Sumatera to West Papua.

    Encompassing most of the nation’s major islands. In Java, there are sites in West Java, Central Java and East Java. In West Java, the most popular paragliding destination is the Puncak area in between the capital Jakarta and the city of Bandung. Here paragliding pilots regularly meet, swap skills and plan trips to more remote areas of the country. Flying in the Puncak area offers magnificent views over huge tea plantations, pine trees, tropical forests and mountains. There various different start points offering short flights down the mountain or much longer periods in the air, with large flight distances possible.

    Paragliding in the Puncak offers a wide range of services, and beginners have the opportunity to have all the latest equipment and technology readily available.

    Beginners can get a taste of what the sport involves by going on a tandem flight. Alternatively there are a number of courses available – the two-day training course offers the chance of a qualified instructor, and the excitement of solo flights after which paragliding students will be recognized as glider pilots. Those already qualified are welcome to join in on any of the regular paragliding events that are held in the area.

    Apart from the Puncak, there is also excellent paragliding in East Java at Mount Bromo and in Central Java near the city of Solo. Other destinations in Java include Wonogiri, Batu, Kampoeng Toga and Sugih. Here paragliders can enjoy a diverse landscape of mountains, rice paddies, tea plantations and volcanic craters.

    In Bali there are also fantastic paragliding opportunities around Mount Batur and Candidasa, involving flights over the stunning Kintamani area, where mountains surround the beauty of Lake Batur and the stunning East coast of the island, where the holy Mount Agung, Bali’s highest volcano, towers over the sculpted rice fields.

    Further afield in Lombok, one of the country’s highest volcanic peak, Mount Rinjani, offers the paragliding enthusiast with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Further east in the McArthur hills in West Papua, the adventurer will discover one of the most exciting regions in the world, a beautiful land of mountains, jungle and lakes, where time has appeared to stand still. Likewise, around Lake Toba in Sumatera, paragliders have the opportunity to fly over a startling landscape of unimaginable beauty. Wherever you choose for your paragliding adventure, it’s sure to say that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime and leave Indonesia with memories that will stay with you forever.

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