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    There are two criteria in evaluating a web based ranking. You can use the facilities from Alexa (artificial site by or using the calculation formula from Google. Although both are very familiar in SEO technique, the fact – Google’s rank  calculating  system remain to the priority. This is related to the position of Google as a search engine.

    PageRank from Alexa obtained based on visitor traffic, frequency of updates, website content quality, back-links and bookmarks are abundant. Those things can makes the ranking of a website can change rapidly in a short time.
    The less the nominal  listed in Alexa calculation status, meaning good rank of your website.
    The calculation is actually clearly shows to the owners of blogs to study the weaknesses in their website.

    In compare with the calculation system of the Google PageRank algorithm which essentially only assess the number of inbound and outbound links. But of course you’ll ever see a miracle or secret that even Google’s PageRank can not be calculated with the formula logic and reality on their respective websites.

    So forget about your curiosity to solve the mystery of how Google gives rankings on each web. What we need to do is do the best on our website, give the best to visitors and conduct an effective way to indexed in search engines. Isn’t that right?

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