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    Continuing the discussion about PageRank before, now we’ll explore more of the purposes of the function Inbound and Outbound links.

    Inbound Links
    Means that the incoming links, or links which refers to our website. In other terms, we are getting the parcels.
    The more gifts we receive, indicates how high our position, or how popular our website out there so there are many reference to ours. This indicates that the content of your website and become a favorite destination. This reference applies to the use of links to other websites that have relevant content.
    Bad things will happen if the inbound links are from websites that have content with less or even totally irrelevant to our web content.
    Please note also, inbound links coming from the web with a lower PageRank does not have a positive impact on the status of your PageRank, it is feared it lowered the credibility of your website.

    Outbound Links

    Means to outgoing link, or a link that you made as your reference of your web content. This negatively affect to your PageRank status if the calculations using the formula Google’s algorithm.
    If a single web page you have 10 outbound links, while other pages have only 5 links out, then a better ranking was obtained to a page that only has 5 links. Maybe this is why a lot of celebrity blogs so stingy to have link exchange with us (middle-class and or below bloggers).

    In the harmonization of the two types of links above, the calculation algorithm that magic, we do not have to bother to do detailed calculations as does Google.
    Let those who analyze our ranks. Use your time to beautify and update your website, along with efforts to build inbound links as much as possible. Agree?

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