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    To get more click happy traffic in the long run you need to optimise your website for the search engines. You don’t need to go crazy with the latest and greatest search engine optimisation (SEO) tricks. Just use the basic ones which I mention below.

    1) Add meta tags to your site like this:

    <META NAME=”description” CONTENT=”xxxDescriptionxxx”>

    <META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxx”>


    Now on the first line, replace xxxDescriptionxxxx with brief description of your website. On the second line replace the xxxxx with your keyword of keyphrase separated by commas. These keywords should be related to the content of your webpage. For example: If your webpage is about cars you would put something like, cars, car repair, car hire, fast cars etc etc.

    You do not need to change the third line.

    Make sure you put the meta tags before the </title> tag on each of your webpages.

    2) Create a lot of keyword rich content pages. Put the keywords in their titles. Each page should be optimised with meta tags, appropriate keywords and of course, AdSense ads. Make sure these pages are linked to each other.

    3) Ad some dynamic auto updating content to your site. Like news feed. Search engines like them.

    4) Build your webpage content around high paying keywords such as cars, shopping, credit repair, travel etc. Keywords in these niches pay more money per click. So if a webpage on your site is about credit repair, the AdSense ads on the page would be about credit repair which is a high paying AdSense keyword. These keywords can pay as high as $20 per click.

    All this can be quite complicated but it is very effective in making you more money. You can however, take a big shortcut and just skip all this by purchasing my highly optimised, AdSense-Ready, Keyword and Content Rich Website “straight out of the box” style. This kick-ass website features everything mentioned in this report plus much more and is packed with cutting edge features. People who bought it give it positive reviews and claim to be making thousands of dollars per month from it. I highly recommend this website which would save you so much time, effort and even money.

    Source : Adam Carn

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