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  • Optimize your Website Titles

    There are many theories about how long your web site titles should be. Since the most popular search engineGoogle shows 66 characters in it’s results, including spaces. You should definitely keep your website titles under 66 characters. Of course, your titles should be related to content on the web site.

    Good and optimized titles can easily improve your overall positions on SERP. If you wish to be on the first page of the search results, you must include your keywords in your Title tags. Preferably before all other words in your website Title. Note that you shouldn’t repeat keywords in your titles. This may be interpreted as spam and some search engines can exclude you from their pages!

    Title Optimization may give your site:

    1. Better positions on search engines
    2. Improved overall traffic to your pages
    3. Better positions for specified keywords
    4. Better Search Engine Optimization rank
    5. Better ranks in all search engines

    Optimizing titles for your web site can easily improve your overall search engine rankings. Note that you should improve your overall title tags. Keep these tags up to 66 characters on your site. This this technique can improve ranks on Search Engine Results Pages on all search engines on the world – not only Google.

    Source : Bashbosh

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