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    As a website owner of course you want to present an article or useful information for the visitors. Because the content of the website is a useful investment to the amount of traffic that might be your target market. Optimizing web content elements included in the real SEO you will applies.
    Keyword on your site must be arranged in such a way that could provoke a search engine to locate your site in the highest ranking in the search results. Thus the more keywords you typed in the search engine visitors, the more likely your site to be visited.

    Before discussing the content, fitting for us to consider meta tags. Meta tags are the codes contained in the source code of a web page. Usually located at the top <head>. For example:



    <meta name=”description” content=”Belajar SEO dan Internet marketing”>

    <meta name=”keywords”content=”SEO, Search Engine Optimize, Internet marketing, Online business, Public Jurnal”>

    <meta name=”author”content=”membukagelap”>


    Meta tags consist of <title>, <meta description>, <meta keywords>, and <meta author>.
    As seen in the example above. Title is the title of the website, meta description as a general description or explanation of the website, Meta keywords containing the keywords of your site’s content, and meta-author of the site owner’s name.

    Title (title of the site) rather than the title of the article, is the name that appear in the title bar in your browser. Usually the search engine will index the website title before the others. Therefore we should pay for attention to the title of our site.

    1. Title gives interpretations of the content of your website.
    2. Search engines use title tags as the search result link that will be read by the visitors.

    Meta description is not in-index by search engines. But it is important to the assessment of potential visitors from the search results. With the proper description and interesting, visitors will willingly come to your site and lingered there.

    Meta keywords are used as “raw material” by many search engines. Because they make keywords as tags or factors that link the main relevance phrase written by visitors in search for the phrase you have.
    Keywords with a one-word much help. Suppose the “Girls” keyword, is a word that is less attractive. But if added to the complement, for example in the form of adjectives, probably will have a similar relevance to the phrase written visitor. Suppose “pretty girl” or “sexy girl”. Yes, keywords can be a single word or a phrase of several words.

    To be continued …

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