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  • Optimization of website content

    Website content is the main essence of a site. Because without the existence of it, a website might become an empty house which could not attract the attention of visitors.
    With the theory that search engine is in the process of prioritizing content crawling of a website.

    Consistent, focus and quality contents not only favored by the search engines which means our campaign tools – but also preferred by the visitors who need the information useful.

    Sometimes we have to face some problems in the creating / writing web content. Ranging from no idea, loss of motivation, Internet connection problems and various other things.
    Here are some tips on optimizing website content:

    1. The main thing is to avoids duplicating contents. Either to duplicates of other people’s web contents as well as your own web contents. This is to keep your website credibility in the eyes of search engines and internet users.
    2. Consistent and focused on creating content, to fit the niche or topic that was built from the beginning. This is very influential on the relevance of keywords that you have the content and SERP.
    3. Note that the main page (Home) always has more chances to get a higher rank than other pages on your website.
    4. Using fonts effect bold, italic, or underline to highlight your keywords in the content insert. Helps search engines to index web pages.
    5. Try to make each pages to have a relationship or relativity. Besides catching the relevance of the keyword, is also able to keep more visitors to linger on your website.
    6. When the motivation a little disturbed, do not push yourself which only may produces less quality content and less focused. Take a little break with some various ways such as reading an articles from the others web.
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