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    You need to add the main keyword of every web page in the title tag; this tag is the most important tag for search engines. Say that the main keyword of your home page is “Golf Swing Tips“; you should make the title exactly “golf Swing Tips”. You should make the same thing with the other main keywords of the other web pages.

    You should also add the main keyword in the description tag and you should distribute the main keyword through out the content adding the first one in “Heading” format. Anyway, I have optimized the free designs to can make those things easily.

    You should also add the main keyword of every single page at the bottom of the page. You should also bold the main keyword one time in the page.

    The on page SEO is not the only actions to get your web site in the first results, the off page SEO “learn it in the following chapter” is more important than the on page SEO, but you have to make those on page SEO to be sure that the search engines will find your web pages according to the targeted keywords.

    I have mad some SEO actions in the Adsense templates, but you have to make many other actions to be sure that your page is SEO friendly. The best traffic come from search engines, so SEO or search engines optimization is the most important long term strategy to get high quality and free traffic.

    Source : Adam Carn

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