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  • Niche directories and their benefits

    Niche directories are tightly-focused directories that list websites for specific categories only. For example, a “shopping” niche directory will only include shopping related websites and a “travel” directory will only allow websites that offer resources for travelers.  This is much different than general web directories because niche directories cater only to a smaller category and will not accept websites that cater to non-relevant topics.

    OK, so where can I find niche directories?

    Niche directories are abundant – you just need to know how to look for them.  Many popular directory lists offer lists of niche directories, and you can also use Google or any other major search engine to find these types of directories.  Just plug in a certain phrase plus a keyword representing your niche and you should have some great success finding the right directory for you.

    Here are some examples that you can use with your keywords to find directories related to YOUR niche.

    “Suggest link” +”keyword”

    “Suggest a link” +”keyword”

    “Suggest site” + “keyword”

    “Suggest website” + “keyword”

    “Suggest a site” + “keyword”

    “Suggest URL” +”keyword”

    “Suggest a URL” +”keyword”

    “Suggest an URL” +”keyword”

    “Submit link” +”keyword”

    “Submit Website” +”keyword”

    “Submit resources” + “Keyword”

    “Submit site” +”keyword”

    “Submit a site” +”keyword”

    “Submit URL” +”keyword”

    “Submit a URL” +”keyword”

    “Submit an URL” +”keyword”

    “Submit resources” + “Keyword”

    “cool sites” +”keyword”

    directory +”keyword”

    directories +”keyword”

    List of “Keyword” Directory

    “Your Category” +”add url”

    “Your Category” +directory

    “Your Category” +”submit site”

    “recommended links” +”keyword”

    “Your Niche Category” +”suggest a site”

    “favorite links” +”keyword”

    “Add link” +”keyword”

    “Add site” +”keyword”

    “Add website” +”keyword”

    “Add a site” +”keyword”

    “Add URL” +”keyword”

    “Add a URL” +”keyword”

    “Add an URL” +”keyword”

    “Add resources” + “Keyword”

    Benefits of submitting to niche directories

    From personal experience I can say that niche directories are a great place to submit your website. Niche directories can send better traffic (better targeted) to your website than general directories usually do. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t submit to general directories, because you should, but niche directories typically provide the best results.

    Checking through my server logs and visitor statistics tracker, I have found quite a few direct referrals from directories.  And, in most cases I am getting more traffic from the niche directories than from general directories.

    By submitting to niche directories, you’re getting very relevant backlinks – which is great for SEO!

    Source : Manish Mathukiya

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