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  • Naruto Chapter 589

    Now the perfect form of Madara‘s Susa-No ‘0 presented to the 5 Kages, Built by huge chakra that can smash the whole landscape in sight just by a single slash. Madara said : “If it’s just me, the area in which the map needs to be repainted will be smaller”.

    Oonoki surprised to the unbelieve-able form of Susa-No ‘o and the chakra level, according to his last battle with Madara when he was young.

    Meanwhile, Itachi succeeded to unlock Kabuto‘s Edo Tensei by his special genjutsu of saringan eyes. In fact, Sasuke still don’t agree to what Itachi doing for the sake of Konoha. Remembering for the time of past when he was pursue Itachi‘s capability as a shinobi, pursue the revenge of their clan, pursue the secret of Anbu Ops which have order Itachi to protect Konoha from rebellion of Uchiha‘s, and pursue the secret of Itachi‘s own dmmand.

    At the critical moment of the war, when 5 Kages surely can’t to defeat Madara, when Naruto was exhausted to fight those 7 jinchurikis along side with Killer Bee, Kakashi and Might Guy. Edo Tensei has release to end up the hard fight.

    The light that signals the beginning of the end now rises on the battlefield.


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