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  • Naruto Chapter 588

    Kabuto has caught in Itachi‘s Izanami, and put no fate of his ability to fight against the looping genjutsu.

    Though the victory moment has come to them, Sasuke still not accept to his older brother’s demand of Konoha and Naruto. The darkest era of Uchiha should be ends by destroying Konoha that had order Itachi to demolish his own clan.

    In other place, 5 Kages are pushed back to impossible fight to win over Madara with his multiplied Susa-No ‘o. Oonoki stands up to rescue his team-mate, and yet try to oppose Madara with their last chakra left.

    Great combination of jutsu of 5 Kages made Madara to force back to his multiplied Susa-No ‘o in order to escape from hit by hit. This is the real power of 5 Kages.

    Madara : “Five kages or not, this will help you to realize just how futile everything has been…”

    And then Madara build a huge chakra to an ultimate form a Susa-No ‘o, the perfect form.

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