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  • Naruto Chapter 587

    As it repeated, looped, and confused in a fight – Izanami has trap Kabuto to an endless looping fight. Since he tried to attack Itachi and Sasuke, it will ended in absolutely the same results. It make Sasuke curiously to know the secret of Itachi‘s genjutsu.

    And then Itachi explain it, Izanami is created for the Izanagi. It is created for helping others. Izanami is made to stop the jutsu of Izanagi (that can change one’s fate and led it to one’s own will). For it, Izanami is created to stop it. If one wants to use Izanagi try to delete the bad ways, then Izanami can end up going around in the same spot. Just like an ‘undo’ way.

    Izanami is work without using the eyes, but using opponent’s senses. Infinite loop created by recording two events and Izanami links them together creating the loop, it ends when the victim realizes his fate and chooses it. So if the opponent stops trying to become someone other than himself, he will be able to make up his own fate and leave the loop.

    But Kabuto don’t wanna realize it and keep his faith as a perfect person from many genetics of great persons, he still trying to attack Itachi though the result is wasting.


    Download the last chapter HERE !



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