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    Google offers the SEO Specialist that has a keen eye several other ares in their Search arena.

    These additions to your regular search engine rankings can prove quite useful for generating more traffic to your website, and I will touch on some of them here.

    1.  Google Maps and Local Businesses

    Google Maps is a great place to show your customers where your are located.  Properly optimised can even have you showing up in regular searches for your business or service in your area.

    By properly optimised, I mean that you should have your physical address neatly laid out in both your website and also the profile on Google Maps.  In addition to this, you should include all the categories as ‘keywords’ that relate to your business or service.

    Another good idea with Google Maps, is to include a telephone number and also directions from specific landmarks or the nearest larger city if you are in land.

    2. Google Image Search

    A gem of a treasure for product sellers.  Get found for your product on Google Images, and harness yet another traffic stream that is said to be up to 5 times more common than regular search.

    But how do you optimise images?

    • Make sure the filename is relavent to the picture
    • Alt Text must be the same as the file name
    • Use Title text as well
    • Place product images on appropriate pages

    Do all this, and you will be closer to ranking your images on Google…

    3. Google Blog Search

    I have said this before.  Set up a Blog and update it regularly.  Keep your blog focussed on one niche area, and specialise in it – write good, original content, even if you get your inspiration from other products (which you should be reading!), write it in your own words or indicate your take on it.

    A Good habbit is also to link back to blogs if you find their stories useful…

    Promote your blog along with your regular website, and host them separately under their own domain names

    These are just a few of the additional areas where you can optimise your site completely and gain further traffic to your website.

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