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    Tired of waiting for payment from the program Pay-Per-Click (PPC) which you follow? Try switching to a program other Monetizing blogs. Today, Monetizing blogs, non-PPC is growing, even predicted to beat the performance of PPC. Why? In addition to a simple procedure, as well as fees earned from non-PPC programs are quite tempting. Well, what blog program Monetizing non-PPC that I recommended?
    Paid Review
    This program is commonly followed by bloggers. Many bloggers are only armed with the free blog hosting like blogspot and wordpress, managed to collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars from the programs ‘diligent writing’ this. If you want to know what brokers are generally followed in the program paid review can be read here and here. There are also some important tips that can be read here.

    Paid Links
    Sell link space on your blog or website that we have, in some ways, simply give hope to convince. Especially if your blog or site that we’ve got to have ‘qualified’ is pretty good, such as a high Page Rank (generally a minimum PR3) and popularity at Alexa and Technoraty which also is not small. Kalo blog or site we can be considered qualified to participate in this program, the potential of our income will be passive income, meaning that without doing a lot of things, links will be sold because the broker’s marketing and we can pay monthly.

    What are Paid Links brokers can we follow? Apart Text Link Ads (TLA) which is well known that, you can also try luck at Link Worth, WhyLink, Text Link Brokers, Buy Sell Text Links and so on.

    There are also several other programs that combine the concept of paid review program with text links, such as intext Matched and TLA. Especially for TLA intext program is still very new and the TLA itself trying to ‘keep’ this program.

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