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    If at all possible use your keyword or keyword phrase in the first sentence of your first paragraph, this will help set up the relevancy of the page copy (body text). Also try to use the keyword or keyword phrase in the pages heading (sometimes referred to as a Headline) as well as the page copy subheadings. My rule of thumb on keyword density on a page is four to five keywords or phrases per 100 words.

    This rule is more of a guideline than anything, sometimes you will need to use a keyword or phrase three or four times per 50 words. Don’t take it to heart that you must follow this rule explicitly. The 4 or 5 keywords/phrase per hundred words would give you a keyword density of four to five percent.

    Many SEO experts go as far as recommending that you should use keywords in ALT text (images). I personally do not think the search engines even bother with it, with the exception of image search engines. In my opinion, ALT text is not relevant and only ads more bloat to a web page. The choice on whether or not to use image <ALT> text is up to you. I personally do not believe it affects optimization one way or the other.

    If you have related content pages on your website, you may also want to use keyword or keyword phrase linking to other content items that are relevant to the page you are working on. This often referred to as “deep linking” and being that the keyword or phrase may be linking to other relevant content on your website will boost your sites (page rank) relevancy in the search engines as a whole. It never hurts to interlink your website content, not only does it help the search engine spiders to find your content located on your site but it aides the human visitor as well to find information relevant to the search that brought them to your website.

    One of the most important optimization techniques that I highly recommend is URL structure and page naming. What I am referring to is setting up the website structure and page naming convention to make best use of keywords or keyword phrases. Even dynamic

    websites that normal have a query string  (ie: can also have good URL structure and naming conventions through the use of a URL re-writer or other URL formatting routine. If you have a static website I recommend using folders that are aptly named to fit the content you will be storing in them, same thing for any sub folders.

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