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  • Linking your Sites Together or Not

    The main question for all webmasters and bloggers is question of linking your sites together. Many people consider this to be against Google’s Terms & Conditions. One is for sure, you can improve your overall site ranking when linking back to it from another site – your other site or blog.

    You Should Cross Links Between your Sites

    There’re many factors why you should cross links between your own web sites or blogs. Reasons why you should cross links between your sites are listed below.

    • Many other web sites (popular and not popular) build links together.
    • It is a very common practice and I have never seen any Google terms that say sites within the same company cannot be linked together.
    • Can easily improve overall link popularity ranking of your targeted site.

    Why Should Not Cross Links Between your Sites

    Of course, there are many blogger which are complains that linking together links on the same IP are restricted by Google.

    And they are saying that linking between sites on the same IP is restricted by Google. And this may be result of your exclusion on Google search engine.

    Other Opinion

    Internet forums are filled with these questions. There’s about 50-50 percent in opinions for and against cross linking between your sites.

    Honestly, it should be no problems in cross linking of your sites together. That mostly because a lot of popular sites and bloggers cross between their own sites. Till now, no blogger are complaining that they are actually penalized by Google because of this.

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