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    When it comes to achieving top search engine rankings, on page optimization can only do so much.  If you really want to jump to the top of the rankings you will need to increase your link popularity or the amount of sites linking to your site.  The best way to gain link popularity is from article submissions.

    Article submission is a simple process but it does take some time.  All you need to do is write a quality article related to the niche of your site and then place a resource box at the bottom of your article with a link pointing back to your site.  Make sure to use keyword rich anchor text in your resource box that relates to your sites keywords.  Then just submit your article to various article directories.

    Webmasters will then go to article directories and find your article.  If they find that it would be beneficial to their readers they will post it on their site and you will gain a link from their site back to yours.  Try to write an article that answers questions people in your niche may have or write an article that will help people in your niche solve a problem they may have.  Doing this will help the chances that your article is picked up by other webmasters in your niche and then posted on their site.

    This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to gain high quality links back to your site.  It will take some work but it will definitely pay off.

    There are a ton of article directories out there that you can submit your site to.  Just do a search for “article directories” and you will find plenty of resources. You can submit your article to the top directories once your site has been indexed and then submit a new article every week or two after that.  Once you achieve good rankings you should back off and submit 1 article a month or so there on out.

    Here are a couple of the article directories for you to start submitting to:

    • – A great niche article directory
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