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    Link bait is a way that is used to increase the traffic a blog or website by using one or more global content that is controversial.
    The analogy is, in the funeral everyone wear black – at least dark color. Imagine if you came wearing a flashy and colorful cloths, knickers colors. All eyes were certainly directed towards to you.
    This is what usually used as a link to making a lot of visitor traffic or site visitors / blog. It is not unlawful to do link baiting if the controversy was only using the language, not the reverse true.
    Suppose that I make a post titled “Facebook, the duping of the world of social communication”. From the title itself may have also raised questions for which only a cursory read. But to justify what is mentioned in the title? That’s the second, because the first problem is to find the brainstorm headline for search engines results and the attention from prospective visitors.
    Matter of the content article can be made to strengthen these titles based on personal opinion, or re-countered with an objective view. Why countered again? Yes, because its main purpose only leads visitors to came.
    This can be applied by paying attention to the trends that occur when you will write your blog articles. If today you are going to write posts, and news that more excited is Malaysia which again claimed Indonesian culture. Maybe you could make a controversial post about the issue trends. For example: “Malaysia, the 34th Indonesian provinces”, or even reverse the situation as “Malaysia and the cultures throughout Asia”.
    Finally, we continue to be creative in making posts. Not only diligent or source type. Wanna have a try?

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