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    Keyword is a/some values words or phrase that you want to make your website to be found. Keyword is the essence of the content written on a blog / site. Keyword becomes a magnet to attract the visitors who use search engines will be led to relevant sites through a specific phrase in the search.
    Sometimes a trend or issue amid growing public can be a good keyword and criminalize many visitors. You can take advantage of the latest news and hottest gossip that you refer to on television. This is because the keywords are related to what Internet users think, then write a few words associated with it in the search engine box. Until the result of the searching was to capture some web pages may also bring your website.

    In the keyword selection, usually the webmaster use the facilities of Google Adwords. By entering keywords of your choice, you will determine the order of the combination of the most appropriate phrase to use. Ordering is based on a particular relevance. And there is also shown the volume of each phrase.

    If you optimize your site in some keywords related to the relevant topics, then search engines will think that your website is relevant premises searched topics. And make your site a good ranking in the index search results.

    With the right keywords, it is possible many unique visitors will visit your website. To help, you can use the Keyword suggestion tool facility are free to specify keywords that are popular.

    The implementation of keyword
    Use keywords should reflect the content of your website. And some tips below may help you.

    1. Title tags is the perfect place to use keywords. Title tags consist of words that you can see at the top of your browser window.
    2. Headline is the main title is your site. From the title to attracts visitors because found a general overview of the content of your website. Try inserting your keywords in the headline.
    3. Content, keywords should be included in the contents of the article content that you write. So that when the page is crawled search engine, then those keywords can attract the attention Googlebot.

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