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  • Invitation to Ultimate Adventure in Indonesia

    Located between the Asian and Australian continents, where the earth’s plates, climate zones and ancient cultures meet, Indonesia offers an incredibly diverse range of natural and cultural wonders. With thousands of islands offering an incredible choice of terrain, Indonesia has a wealth of opportunities for the adventure traveller.

    From smoking volcanic peaks and roaring river rapids to some of the best diving and surfing spots in the world, the country offers an unbeatable choice of outdoor activities for everyone, regardless of skill, age or prowess.

    Bali has long been the country’s premier tourist attraction with its wide variety of attractions, spectacular natural beauty and rich living culture.

    However, for the true adventure traveller, Indonesia’s lesser-known isles offer equally diverse opportunities and extreme adventure possibilities. Those with ample time, money and patience can visit isolated communities hidden in the deep forests of Kalimantan, scarcely accessible mountain valleys in Papua, and any of the over 17,000 remote islands scattered across the archipelago Indonesia is home to an extensive network of national parks and nature reserves, most of which welcome visitors, with a wide choice of tour operators specializing in wildlife and wilderness tours. In the national parks and vast rural areas, well-maintained tracks and paths make many areas of the archipelago a paradise for trekkers, mountain bikers and eco-tourists, whether for an afternoon stroll through a Javanese rainforest reserve or a grueling month’s mountain bike across Nusa Tenggara.

    With around 70% of the archipelago covered in water, Indonesia boasts one of the richest and most diverse marine and coastal wetland environments in the world. Marine tourism has become a popular way of visiting the archipelago, with a wide choice of cruise boats plying the waters around Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, West Papua and the Komodo National Park offering diving or surfing tours and island exploration trips.

    Luxury cruisers transport visitors from Bali to the far reaches of Nusa Tenggara while refurbished traditional Phinisi schooners evoke the romanticism and adventure of a bygone era. This marine tourism often represents eco-tourism at its finest with boats offering knowledgeable guides, complete on-board libraries, video presentations and lectures on local ethnology and ecology by experts.

    Source : Indonesia’s Culture & Tourism Department

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