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    Real internet marketing world is not so narrow as we think about: selling e-book! Beyond that, internet marketing is actually the activity ‘marketing’ which, as we do in the real world, but this time with the Internet medium. If you glance at the economic theory of marketing, the internet marketing is one important foundation for economic development in the future. With more models innovative marketing, the products ‘bad’ would be any more likely than selling products that are good but poor marketing innovation (marketing). Conditions that are not much different from the practice of marketing products / goods production and consumption in everyday life we are.

    We may be quickly familiar with the attractive ads that provide a ‘promo’ promises; to earn tens of millions a week just through a simple blog or site, even for those who never knew what it blogs or even the internet! Unbelievable. With innovative marketing methods and massive, the product-type roduk began reaching our local internet world. There is finally truly successful, but not least also to eventually have to try again … try again and again! At the same time, internet marketer from abroad are also increasingly flooded the cyber universe with all sorts of products that also offer promise. Many news stories and the telling of their accomplishments and success that has penetrated the world of internet marketing we can read. Not only have senior netter, but also those who had just become a new blogger (beginner).

    Blogger and Internet Marketing
    Blogger is a term applied to those who own and or manage blogs. Currently, the blog is a communication medium the Internet is the most phenomenal growth in numbers very rapidly. The growth of bloggers also have shown a fairly exciting graphics. Having a blog is no longer a difficult thing. Many blog services are free and easy to applies available on the internet, we just choose what is best. The question then is, after having a blog, what to do next?

    There are many kinds of motivation a person has a blog. Some do it just to channel the hobby, or to just simply self-actualization. But there are also people who realized the potential of a blog and be motivated to create and manage blogs for making money from these blogs. What is interesting because there is also what makes blogs as a marketing medium! What are the advantages blog? In addition to a manageable, the blog also gives the owner the flexibility to be able to do anything; writing a personal opinion, releasing a particular product, add a link to a blog or other site, or post personal pictures and the public.

    Currently, some bloggers have started to enter the world of blogs Monetizing; earning money from their blogs. How? I’ve got to write some way pan dollars ($) from your own blog.

    If you have a blog, especially if the blog is already a Page Rank of at least 2, or good backlinks (link popularity is also good), then the potential of blogs will be more open to be produces money for its owner. Actually, with the publishers of various programs paid blogging or paid links, the bloggers have been unconsciously become part of the world of internet marketing. They’ve been called by the term legitimate Internet marketers, although not directly sell products (e-book or other) to the Internet market. Then blogger’s selling what? Now, sales of the bloggers are their own blogs potential: empty space for advertiser links (link space), posting pages for paid review, the banner ad (advertisement space) and so on! If managed well, then the potential income from the blog will also be quite promising.

    Can’t you believe it?

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