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    It’s not only important to get some new visitor, but also to keep them interested as much as you can. Keeping your visitors engaged and coming back is just as important as finding new ones. Your page views and very important and you should take care about them too!

    The more pages your regular visitor read, the better job you do on your blog. I have found on internet that an average visitor visits 1.4 pages per visit. Some blogs and websites have a much larger page views count.

    In this post, I am going to show you what you as a blogger can do to improve your page views. Actually, what can you do to draw your visitors to view more pages on their visit!

    Why Page Views are Important

    Page Views are very important for every website on internet. Below, I am going to show you why they are important and what they can get for you and your website:

    More loyal visitors – A loyal visitors are one of the most important things for every website on internet. If you can draw more people to visit your website again and again, it’s quite sure you will end up with more traffic. It’s more likely your regular visitor become a loyal one if that visitor go to your website and view your page regularly.

    More ad revenue – For contextual ads like AdSense, a page views are important such as regular visitors which visit one page per visit. Every page view counts and improve the chances for someone to click on your advertisements.

    More credibility – If you are going to sell your blog, a page view stats can easily boost your credibility and authority. This can only help you to sell your blog for affordable price.

    More motivation – If I see some page view improvements, I get more motivated to work on my blog. That is because I know I do some things right.

    Tips to Get more Page Views

    Below, see what you can do to boost your page views on a blog. Usually all these tips are very effective and may improve your stats easily:

    Related posts – This is probably the most common thing bloggers do to encourage readers to read multiple pages on their blogs. Show related posts below every post you write and let your visitors do the rest.

    Interlink within posts – Another very effective way, and most probably the best one to improve your blog page views is to link to the related posts in your post contents. If you write a post that may have some information similar to one of yours previous post, all you need to do is to link to it from that one. And always use this technique on your blog!

    Write a series of posts – A post series is actually one large post compiled with two or more posts related to that particular topic. Yes, it requires time to write them but they are very effective and useful for your visitors. You can see mine post series [LINK] to see how it’s done!

    Most favorite posts and categories – All your visitors would like to see some posts that are favorite to you! Also, do not be afraid to place your link to archived categories in sidebar. This can only improve your visitors click-through and page view count.

    Use excerpts – Some bloggers actually like to display the full article on their home pages. I actually don’t like this, mostly because I have to scroll all way down to find something I am interested in. If you are like me, use excerpts displayed on your home page rather than full posts. This may improve your page views too!

    View the most popular posts – I like to see which posts are the most popular on blogs I regularly visit and read. Today, you can easily put these on your sidebar and tell your visitors which are the most popular posts on your blog right now!

    There are so many other things that might improve your blog page views. I am absolutely sure that below tips are the most popular today on internet and yes, they can give you some very good results and stats for sure.

    I would like what do you use to improve your blog page views? Feel free to post your opinions below using our comments form. I would be more than happy to hear what do you think!

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