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  • Increase your Pageviews

    Pageviews is how many pages are viewed or read by visitors of our site or blog. The more comfortable, more pages explored means the higher pageviews of our blog.
    Not to forget, pageviews is one of the important statistics for prospective advertisers or sponsors our blog.
    For that, it’s good we refer to the five tips on increasing pageviews :

    • Install related posts plugin: This plugin allows related posts appear below a post us. If the reader clicks on related posts, the automatic pageviews will increase our blog.
    • Optimize internal link: Try to posts with using quiet enough internal links to that existed pages. These internal links also will encourage readers to find posts related to the concept of atua topics being discussed in a post.
    • Optimize the most popular posts: If the blog we have the most popular posts (may be reflected from the hit or comment), should show the list again in one place on the blog, for example in the sidebar.
    • Empower the archive: Archive posts (which are clustered either in the list by month or in the group category) previously also very influential in “persuading” the reader to remain at home hanging out on our blog. So, put in the archives feature a rather prominent in the sidebar – do not put the bottom.
    • Write the content of interest: Yes, in the end did come back to the content. Content is good and useful to make the reader back regularly to our blog.
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