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    1. Keep it Simple – Make sure the design is simple, clear and pleasing to the eyes. Don’t overcrowd it.
    2. Multiple Pages – If possible, divide the website into several pages and access them through separate items (links) on a menu or navigation bar.
    3. Be consistent – Have same menu or some extension of it on all pages so that viewers know where they are at all times. ‘Home’T is a must on every page. Visitors should be able to easily look around your website. If visitors are frustrated and can’t find what they are looking for, they are likely to leave quickly and never come back or recommend your website to others.The menu can be located at the top, left or right side of the page.
    4. Keep Content Fresh – Static content is dead content; Write new articles, update old ones. New or updated content is a great way to keep visitors coming back. Search engines also rank websites with fresh content higher. Keeping an active blog is a great way to keep your website new and fresh.
    5. Use Descriptive File Names – Use descriptive keywords as names for the files (e.g., pictures, videos) on your site. This will help your site appear more with search engines – especially through Google Image Search.

    6. Create Links – Getting links to your website from other websites will help generate more traffic and improve your placement in search engines. Find other websites on your same topic and put a link to them on your site — maybe in a new “Favorite Links” page. Then ask those websites to link back to you by signing their guestbook.
    7. Tag your Site – Adding tags can increase the number of times your website shows up in search results. To pick the right keywords, try putting yourself in the shoes of your visitors and think what they would search for if they wanted to find your site.
    8. JavaScript – If you are using JavaScript code, it can certainly help you spice up your web site. However, there are many scripts that your visitors may find irritating. Try to avoid scripts such as mouse trailers, mouseover sounds, mouseover pop up windows and mouseover redirects.
    9. Help Visitors Contact You – Make it simple for visitors to reach you if they want. Include a guestbook or blog where they can post questions. Add a “contact us” form where they can submit questions to you via email.

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