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    You can find many Adsense experts on the internet, offering you hundred or even thousand suggestions to improve your Adsense earnings! So, this might be some trick from ordinary Adsense Publisher, like you – which struggle and then get the results! Wanna try?

    The following tips below are simple but effective steps successfully depends to your hands. It may help you to improve your Adsense earnings by seven alerts! However, keep in mind that nothing would work unless you customize these options to suit your requirements.

    The Best Position – This is always the demarcation point which decides you should be earning in hundreds or thousands! You must identify the most likely position where the reader would be most tempted to click. At first you might have to follow what Adsense masters have suggested. However, you must keep in mind that what they have said is not unique to your site. You should be bold enough to do your own research and identify the best positions unique to your site, ‘cos there could be exceptions to what Adsense Experts have proposed. Best example I can quote is ‘’ a dating site which earns half a million Dollars a month just by displaying a single Google ad in each page with completely different link color format than the rest of the site using!

    White Is In Demand – Having more white space around the article and the Ad will definitely increase your click through rate. In my case, this is one of the real secrets behind the high click through rate in my Adsense ads. Your objective should be to get the reader’s attention to the Adsense ad and the article. Therefore, it is important to have other areas blank as much as possible to centre reader’s attention to the Ad and the article. Remove all unnecessary items which are cluttered around the article and the Ad and have more white space on either side of the page.

    What is Your Ad Size? – Highly effective Ad formats are 336×250 and 768×120. However, it is up to you to find out the best size for your site. These are the widely tested and accepted sizes. Try them out and see the outcome.

    Be Discreet – I don’t prefer to server image ads in my Adsense campaigns because they dilute the effectiveness of the Ads. It is starkly obvious to the reader that they are clicking on Ads and the sole purpose of putting them is to make money! Just don’t make it so obvious! Instead, include text ads which are relevant to the theme. Place the ads where the reader is likely to seek a break while reading the article or your copy.

    Artistic Way To Be Discreet – The font, color and texture should match with the rest of the page. This will make the ad looks like part of the article. You have the options to use either an ideally matching color or a contrasting color. Either way is effective. Use The Maximum but Have a Balance – Always try to use maximum number of adsense ads in each page. Don’t lose balance however! Ads should not dominate the page.

    Measure the effectiveness of Ad units – Always make use of Google Adsense channels to identify which position or format has produced high click through rates. Be prepared to change the Ad format, color and position according to your findings. These simple but effective methods surely drive you more income you never ever expect if you are prepared to follow those in your own way. Find out your way out today.

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