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  • How to Write a Post Series

    One  very effective and productive link building technique is to write a post series on your own blog. As it names suggest, there you write a multiple blog posts that build upon one another, exploring that topic over number of days.

    Writing a post series will give readers a reason to come back to your blog over and over again. These posts are very helpful and useful for the targeted audience, and may cover a lot of useful information completely for your visitors and loyal readers.

    Post Series: First Steps

    Though writing a series can be a bit hard and overwhelming at start, it needn’t be. All you need to thing about is a few steps below:

    Choose a Topic – This is probably the most important factor to determine at the beginning. Choosing the best topic may highly affect your overall series quality and success. The key here is to choose a topic that is large enough to fit in multiple posts, but manageable enough not to overwhelm you to write it properly.

    Write a List – When I write down a post series, I always write down a list of topics I am going to write about. This way you will know what and when to write something about. Allowing you to set your limits and write whenever you want it to. Write down a list anywhere you can access and see it easily. In my case, I always create one simple .txt file and put all post series ideas (topics, titles…) in it. And then I place it on desktop to easily access it.

    These first steps are probably the most important to determine a general success of your series. As you write a list and choosing a series topic, you will know exactly how much posts you are going to write and what you would give out for your readers.

    Post Series: Writing Steps

    When we know out topic and have a list of posts (with post titles) we should write and publish for our readers, now we need to write all down properly. Including all important factors and information we need in our series:

    Write an Introduction – A very good way is to announce your visitors and loyal readers of what are you going to write in following days. Make sure to include in this introduction post some important information about a topic and aspects you are going to write for them in your own series. Allowing your visitors to visit your blog regularly to find information they are looking for that may help them in the future.

    Spread your post series – Some bloggers actually post all series in advance. This is not very productive in my opinion. The best way is to post your series on daily basis or even 2-days basis. This will help you to determine which kind of information your visitors expecting (through comments) and may get you some constant traffic in following days.

    Interlink your posts – Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of bloggers writing a post series but “forget” to connect them with links between. It is important to interlink your series of posts at the beginning and at the end of each post in series. Allowing your visitors to see what you have write previously and what you should write next! This helps them engaged into your next post and may them force to visit your blog again.

    Writing a post series can be a bit overwhelming to you. These kind of posts have a lot of useful information regarding to one particular topic. But do not forget to include all above information in your posts as you write. This may highly improve your series quality in general.

    Post Series: Finish Steps

    Well, we have come to the end here. Making you to write down a quality series of posts on your blog. Now it is time to finish your posts properly and publish them to your readers.

    Write the last post in series – I like to write down the last post in series with summary of all posts I have write down in whole series. This might help you to discover some important information about topic you are exploring to your visitors. Do not forget to include all post series in this last post and point out some information you might forget to mention previously.

    Announce your future series – Your loyal visitors and readers would appreciate you to tell them what are you going to write in the future. It is time to announce them what are you going to write in the future because they might come to your blog constantly or subscribe to it to check out your progress.

    If you have already one (or more) series of posts on your blog, It is always good to create a separated page like I do that will include all post series you have written for your visitors. Allowing your new visitors (and your old ones) to find them easily whenever they want.

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